Monday, October 19, 2009

Swine Flu/Hee Haw Farm.

Well these past two weeks have definately been an adventure for the Allan family. Two weeks ago Eric was diagnosed with the SWINE FLU! So we were out for a week. Nobody else caught the bug from eric thanks heavens but of course Stephanie couldn't take the kids out in public by chance they were carrying the flu virus and us just not knowing it.

Eric was diagnosed on a tuesday and so Janine missed her music class that week and Stefan missed his school field trip to HEE HAW FARMS. He was pretty upset about it so we promised that when Dad was better we would go as a family and have an even better time than what he would have had with his class. :) Eric was out for a week and went back to work last week. Last Monday was Stephanie's birthday and Eric bought her a prenatal massage which stephanie loves and when she returned home Eric and the kids had balloons floating from her chair and the table set with candle light and the fancy dishes and Stephanie's favorite Eric dressed up like a Chef and cooked her Chicken Corde on Bleu with Alfredo. Oh so good!

This past Thursday we went to Hee Haw Farms and did the corn maze, pedal go carts, train ride, swings, corn pit, corn guns. And we can't forget the animals. The chickens,goats,cows,pigs. Which of course was totally appropriate since eric just had swine flu. LOL. Hee Haw has tons of fun stuff and we had a great time there as a family.