Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Snow

So far this winter we have recieved a lot of snow. It has been awesome. We have a track across the street that sits on top of this hill so we slide down that hill when we have a good snow storm. It's a perfect hill for kids. Our kids love to play outside and build their own snow hills and slide down them as well. Janine loves how she looks in her snow outfit. If you tell her that she looks pretty she smiles and points to her clothes. She's a lot of fun. Of course Stefan sees this and so he posed all gangster for us when we had the camera. He's hilarious. Both of our kids have funny personalities like most kids do. We don't have many pictures of the family together but we will try and do better. There aren't many pictures of Stephanie because she is always the photographer. But like I said we will do better. On our last snow storm we all took turns doing cannonballs into the snow, but of course when you do funny things like that nobody has the camera. but here are a few of eric and the kids.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Last year around this time we took on the project of turning our garage into a master bedroom. The kids had two different sleeping patterns and kept waking eachother up which meant sleepless nights for Stephanie.
Stephanie told eric that he needed to do something and so being the great man eric is he built the family a new bedroom.
The project started around the end of January beginning of February and we finished that following June (I think). It is always fun to do projects like this. We enjoy working with eachother and spending the time as well.

I have a slideshow together so you can the pictures of what is looked like before and what it looks like now, just so you can see what a monster of a project this was. we took out the garage door obviously and built a wall with a window. We had to bring plumbing into the garage and so we jackhammered the cement floor where the bathroom is to do plumbing. while doing any project in this house we always come across some issue that sets us back a couple of days while we tried to fix that. but after some swear words and laughs we feel we did a pretty good job.