Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Feel Like Camping?

We bought a new tent this year! This tent is ssssoooo much easier to put up than our other tent! Our old tent is almost 7 years old and has started to leak when it rains...and we broke a pole last summer when we were camping. it was actually pretty funny because we were already tired from breaking camp and just when you are almost done and you just want to get the tent down and in the car SNAP!! there goes the pole! HAHA!
We wanted to buy a tent that was easier to put up and we did find one. This tent is a 6 man tent while our other one is an 8 man tent. but the new tent is perfect for us and will fit in camp sites. the other one was always a tight fit and most of the time we were Squished.

We put up the tent and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon just laying down and relaxing in the tent. It actually did feel like we were camping. The kids were upset when we took it down but Eric promised that he would sleep outside with the kids in the tent before fathers and sons.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter!! Easter!!!

This post has the allan family dipping and coloring eggs and also tells about the easter holiday. WE have gotten behind on our posts that this one I think we can combine them. This year for Easter the Allan family was blessed to be able to spend some time with both sides. Stephanie's Dad and two Uncles; Rick(dads bro) & Todd (dads bro-in-law) They came up for Conference and stayed from Friday night and stayed until early Sunday afternoon. Erics parents and sisters came up on saturday night to have a easter meal with us and then left after. We enjoyed spending time with everyone and reconnecting and getting to know eachother. Friday night Scott,Uncle Rick and Uncle Todd took Eric and STephanie out to dinner at Magelbey's. We had a great time and then afterwards went home and had some birthday cake!! Yep that's right Uncle Rick made it to another birthday!! we will leave the age out for his sake but we did have candles. Only the # candles that way he only had to blow out 2 candles instead of dozens ! Saturday night Eric and Stephanie gave Stefan and Janine their easter gifts so they could enjoy them before sunday came around. Stefan recieved a basketball hoop and janine got a new bike since we ran over her tri-cycle. Sunday morning we had our easter egg hunt and saw what the bunny brought. Everyone enjoyed helping Stefan and Janine find their eggs. This was a wonderful easter!

Baby Shower Cake! March 27th

Stephanie was asked to make a Baby shower cake for a friend. The theme was a Luau! So stephanie decided to stick to the theme and create a volcano, palm trees, and Hula dancers! Eric is always relieved when Stephanie finishes a cake. "Sometimes she gets out of control" eric says. which is probably true. Although the outcome is always worth it. This cake with the right planning would take a stress free week. That was the plan but then things happen and Stephanie busted this cake out in two days with extremely late nights. (midnight!) But again the outcome was worth it.