Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Business Owners!!

Last Monday, August 23rd 2010 Eric and Stephanie became the OWNERS of TWO Kneaders Bakery & Cafes!!!!

We are business partners with erics brother michael who just recently retired from the army and is now as happy as ever to be an entrapenuer and partner with eric.

Saturday the 21 corporate took us out for a celebratory dinner at Carvers Steak House. We had a great time. Stephanie & Eric were able to shop for a new outfit to wear.

Owning a restaurant of our own has been a dream of ours since we have been married, and for Eric longer than that. Now that it is here and the dream is a reality we are exited and so happy. While the days are long and stressful for Eric at the stores trying to build one while transitioning from manager to owner in the other it is definately worth it. Eric says it is a different feeling to go to work and know that you are the owner. Everything he does will actually benefit him. The days on the home front are long and full of cheerleaders rooting on their quarterback. We are enjoying where we are in our lives right now and are thankful to our Father in Heaven for guiding and preparing us for this opportunity and helping make it happen for us.

Stephanie is the secretary and is enjoying the tasks that she has been given thus far. Sometime in the future she is excited to learn the books of the businesses and maybe sneak in a cake or two while she is at it. :)