Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1 New Niece & 1 New Nephew

The second to the last week in February Stephanie took the kids and went down to Phoenix to help out her sister Serina (who now has 3 children) and so that she could see these babies when they are newborns. Our new nephew who is Scottys son was born February 6th and his name is Braxton Scott Powell. Our new niece who is Serinas baby was born 2 weeks later and her name is Daphne Joyce Harrop. Both babies are very cute.

While Stephanie was down there she enjoyed the company from the rest of her family.
stephanie discovered while down there that Stefan was misdiagnosed up here. What was claimed to be a sinus infection turned out to be bronchitis! This in turn made the trip a little more interesting. We were and still are upset with the pediatrician who saw Stefan. All is well now. Stefan is better and back to his normal self.
One hilarious story that I have to tell you is about two of my younger brothers. Sean and Sterling. I tell you this because it just shows how silly but fun they can be.So sean and Sterling started out pulling eachother in Serinas wagon and of course they found a shopping cart and took turns pushing eachother into a brick wall!! It was hilarious. They went as far as putting a football helmet on and then went crashing into the wall like a crash dummy. only one minor injury to report and that would be from sterling. he just bent his thumbnail back half way. Never a dull moment with any of my brothers.
We had all of the Powell grandkids together and took their picture as well. Good Times. Here are just a few of the pictures.