Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dance & Piano Recital

Janine had her first Dance Recital this month and Stefan had his first Piano Recital this month! Quite the month for our children to be doing things for the first time. First Janine was so excited for her recital. Stephanie and Janine pulled up the routine that her teacher posted online and practiced the dance together to help her remember it better. Eric and Stephanie weren't sure how she would do performing in front of a lot of people, but when that music came on she was one of the only girls doing the right moves at the right time. She did great! Janine wanted to stay the whole time and watch the other dancers. As the other groups performed Janine would lean over to Stephanie and say, "look mom they are doing mot bots." or, "looks mom I can do leaps too!" Janine takes dance very seriously. After her performance she did ask her mom when she could start tumbling. That made stephanie happy! so next month Janine will start tumbling. We only live 10 minutes from where Janine performed and she was dead asleep when we got home. we would have let her sleep in her costume if it wasn't so scratchy and itchy. She did great.

Stefan also had his first Piano Recital this month. It was the weekend after Janine's performance. He wasn't nervous at all. He played all of his songs very well. He did a great job. Stefan has a natural talent for the piano. We hope he will always love the piano and work hard to become as good as his Grandpa Allan. There is another little girl at the recital with Stefan. She is our neighbor so it was nice that the two of them knew each other. Stefan and Janine both want to learn to play the guitar, but first they have to learn the piano and then they can learn other instruments. by the time Uncle Sean gets home from his mission Stefan might be ready for lessons. We know Stephanie will be! If she doesn't break down and by a guitar first.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekend Getaway!

We decided to take a little family trip to the Park City area. We know that since we are opening up a new store in March we won't be able to take a family vacation for spring break. It has been a very dry winter this year with hardly any to no snow. We stayed at the Zermott Resort in Midway and eric gave the kids permission to jump on the beds and they were so excited. Stephanie had to finally say no more after it started to get a little out of control! We went on a carriage ride which was supposed to be a sleigh ride but again since there wasn't snow it was a carriage ride. It was really fun. The kids enjoyed themselves too. Eric enjoyed how peaceful it was and relaxing. We also went Tubing at Soldier Hollow. The only place with snow because they make their own! Tubing was such a blast. We couldn't believe how fast you go down this hill! The first time we went down we were like, "Oh my gosh!" Janine hunkered down in the hole of her tube and you wouldn't see her again until you were stopped! Hilarious. Stefan kept going and going and going. This kids had a blast. Jacoby was a year to small to go on the big hill but they did have a little kid one that we would try and sling shot him as hard as we could so he could have a fun ride! Oh and he did. so much in fact that he fell asleep!

At the end of our trip we went over to the Olympic Park and Eric did the skeleton sled. Its the sport where the olympians lie on their stomachs and fly down the track on a little sled, 2-3 inches off the ice! So crazy! The picture of jacoby where he is sitting on the black sled is the same kind that eric went on! Out of 20 people he took 2nd! Going 49.4 MPH! He was flying! He had a blast. There wasn't time for Stephanie to do it so one of our next dates will be going back to Olympic Park and both of us doing it together!