Monday, December 10, 2012

Jacoby's 3rd Birthday!!!

Trying to hold up 3 fingers
Today was Jacobys 3rd birthday! How the time flies. Our baby is no longer a baby. During this past year Jacoby developed the love of a TOY! I know! Its awesome. While he still loves the iPad and anything electronic, we can now add Buzz Lightyear to the short list. Jacoby loves Buzz Lightyear. That is all he wanted for his birthday. So we went out and bought Jacoby the big Buzz Lightyear doll/action figure. Whatever you want to call it. Jacoby was so excited for his birthday. It finally clicked what a birthday is this year. He knew he got to make all meal decisions, and most others for the day. He would respond to everyone saying its my birthday. meaning I get to decide because its my birthday! So funny.
 Stephanie only allows Jacobys birthday gifts to be put under the tree before his birthday. Then the day after all these presents start appearing under the tree. However, before Jacobys birthday, only his birthday gifts are under the tree. This year was easy for Stephanie to do Jacobys cake because he actually picked what he wanted. A Buzz cake that was green.

One of the things Jacoby wanted to do was play baseball on the Wii with dad.

playing the Wii with dad

  So here they are playing baseball together.  Jacoby did win the game!
We took Jacoby to McDonalds for lunch for chicken nuggets and then for dinner we went to Kneaders and had french toast because every monday in December Kneaders is doing something special. Tonight was Santa Clause! But this post is only about Jacoby.

 Jacoby also got the movie Toy Story. The first one.  We watched it on the Disney channel last week and he frieked out every time Buzz came on the screen.  He just loves Buzz.
Jacoby with Buzz and Toy Story
Jacoby really wanted a pinata and since the other 2 kids had one for their birthday it was only fair that Jacoby get one too.  This one is a pull string one though.  We like these ones better.  Especially this year because now we can hang this pinata above Jacobys bed.  The caked turned out well. Jacoby isn't a cake person so next year stephanie will have to do a fake cake with candy on it or something.

Buzz's Ship (pull string Pinata)
Buzz Cake. (yes its green inside)

Friday, December 7, 2012

New Tradition/ A Christmas Carol

This year Eric and I have decided to adopt a tradition that his family did while growing up. Every year at Christmas time his parents would give out the kids new Church clothes just before they were to go to a Christmas Play, or just to the ward Christmas Party. Whichever came first. We gave our kids their church clothes just before we went out to the Heritage School in Provo to watch the play, "A Christmas Carol". They all loved their clothes which made Stephanie happy. Stephanie was grateful that Jacoby was with her in the picking out the clothes process because Jacoby was very particular about what he would and would not wear. Stephanie found a cute vest for him, to which he shook his head and said, "no". Then she found a matching sweater to go with Stefan. Jacoby shook his head and said,"no" that time. Jacoby finally found a green plaid shirt that he would wear. Mainly because it was green (his favorite color), and he knew he had to pick something. The play was fun. Everyone had a great time. Eric and Stephanie weren't exactly sure how the kids would do, especially Jacoby. They all did great though. Stefan and Janine were really into it. The backdrops and costumes were absolutely amazing. Eric thought that was the best part. He didn't care much for the acting, but the rest of us thought everything was great.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

ThanksGiving 2012

Happy ThanksGiving Everyone! This exciting and busy time of year has come again! It was Stephanie's turn to go back home to Arizona for Thanksgiving. However, because we are now running the new RiverWoods store and are still involved in overseeing the other Provo store there was no way we were going to make it down. We stayed home and had a great time. We bought WIPEOUT for the Wii and played that as a family. We love to watch the TV show together so why not the game right? We always enjoy watching the Thanksgiving parade on TV and seeing all the cool floats and the different balloons.

And what would Thanksgiving be for Eric without the Dog Show following the parade. Having been married for 9 1/2 years the whole family now enjoys watching the dog show after the parade. We also went outside and played baseball. Growing up Stephanie would always play football with her brothers.
A tradition of playing a sport is something that will continue in this family as well. This year Stephanie asked the kids what they would like to have at dinner. What is their favorite thing. Stefan and Janine at the same time "Lime/Lemon JELLO. followed by an echo from Jacoby. So we had Lemon Jello for Stefan with lemon slices in it. The Jello was actually really good. Janine had her Lime Jello with mandarin oranges in it. They were very happy.
In the Allan family, ThanksGiving would not be complete unless you had a pie for every person. Carrying on with that Tradition we had 4 pies. Only 4 of us eat pie. Jacoby isn't big on desserts. As dinner time came around we have been having some good one liners being said by the kids and so as we sat down to eat dinner Eric decided to start writing them down. Here is that list; Uh...I love the dog show. -Eric Aw! There is onion and tears in my eyes and I can't see the Rockettes! -Eric 4 pies 5 people! That's an Allan thanksgiving! -Stephanie I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just saying. - Stephanie We sit down to eat with all kinds of food on the table, Jacoby looks at it and says, "I don't like it." -jacoby" "You know, everything pees when they poop, even humans. - Stefan" "Girls don't. We pee and then poo. -Stephanie" "EXACTLY -Stefan" "It would be awesome to have a butler. -Stefan" "Nuts. -jacoby" "It feels good to close my eyes. -Eric" "Cats are easy to take care of...but they run away. -Janine" "I'm thankful for gardens and dirt. -Janine" "I know what I want, a slice of everything. -Stephanie" "I'm thankful for buzz. -Jacoby" As dinner is ending, "shoot the rolls are in the oven!" -Eric" "Look at how much turkey we have left" -Eric" "The turkeys dry. - Great Grandma (oops she wasn't here)" "we could save it for next thanksgiving" -Stefan" "Do you know what was so good about this stuffing?!! You didn't burn it. - Stephanie" "Break out the pie. -Eric" "I don't like Kneaders cream. -Eric" These will probably be more hilarious to us because we heard the whole entire conversation. We were busting up laughing though. It may be ThanksGiving but work does go on. Someone has to do the bread! So we decided to go into Kneaders as a family to load the van up with Provo stores bread and deliver it so that Eric could
have Friday off as well. Stephanie and the kids stayed at the RiverWoods store while eric took the bread to provo.
While waiting for eric to come back Stephanie and the kids broke open some Christmas candy and played Hiding-Go-Seek in the store. only a few lights throughout the store stay on constantly so there were still many dark hiding spots. It was really fun!
This has been a great Thanksgiving. We are truly blessed and have so many temporal blessings and many many spiritual blessings. Both we are Thankful for and Thankful for the Lord in allowing us to have what we do. We hope this Holiday season has been kicked off with a Haunting Halloween, a Filling Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. Only to end with the Happiest of New Years.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stephanie's Birthday!

This has been on the greatest Birthdays EVER!!!

Annette came up and watched the kids, so we could go overnight to Park City. Its amazing how you can just go to the other side of the mountain and truly feel as though you are in another state. First, lets rewind just a little and start from the begining. Annette came up on Thursday and we met her in Santaquin at the Red Barn.
We took a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch, picked pumpkins, did a kiddie maze and watched the kids go down there huge white slides. It was really fun. Janine crazy enough was the timid one this trip. Usually that role isn't hers, but she claimed it this time. She eventually went down and then of course we couldn't get her off of the slides....Funny how that works.
The next Eric and I left and headed up to Park City where I was in need of new clothes. I had 3 pairs of pants to my name. One that fit, a comfy one, and then skinny jeans. Ya, I don't wear the skinnies too much. Needless to say this shopping experience was alot of fun! Its way way to hard to shop for clothes with 3 kids. So I never do it. Eric took me to Tanger Outlets Mall and we walked the whole thing! We were so tired by the end. However, we did quite well. I got a few new pair of pants, new shoes and a few shirts. I think I will be goo again for awhile. :o)
For dinner we went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and OH MY GOSH! We have never been to a better steakhouse. The food there is amazing! The atmosphere was cool too. We had a great time. After dinner we went back to the hotel where they had all the fixings to make smores outside by the fire pits. We were sickly full but had to take advantage as much as we could. So we cooked up a marshmallow and had a smore!
We stayed at the Waldorf Austoria Hotel. I have never been to a nicer hotel. They have a day spa in the lower levels where I was able to get a facial done. It was awesome. I really wanted to get my nails done all Halloweenish but didn't have time. While I was at the spa, Eric went to the gym for an hour where he said it was the best work out. Their machines were amazing.
Then on Saturday we came back to Provo to cheer on the cougars as they played Oregon State! We are the front row at the very bottom on the 40 yard line! We had to stand the entire game so we could see above the players on the side lines! This game was so awesome. So much fun to be at.
Our voices are little hoarse now, because we yelled pretty much the whole game!
This trip was for my birthday yes, but it was a vacation for Eric as well. A little getaway before the busy season really kicks into high gear. So we splurged and man it was the best Fall break Birthday ever!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Call of Duty!

Well Michaels family needed a new car and so Michael told eric to trade in his car and buy him something nice. Stephanie told Eric that they need to buy a Jeep! This has been Stephanies dream since she first discovered what a car was. So Eric went out and looked around and surprised everyone with a Jeep CALL OF DUTY! He was test driving it! Stephanie couldn't believe it. We loaded everyone up and went for a drive. So awesome. So the business rewarded Eric for all his hard work with the purchase of a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Call Of Duty edition! This Jeep is SICK! This is Stephanie's dream car that she has dreamed about since childhood! She is so excited. The business bought this Friday, then Eric and Stephanie both went and finished filling out paper work on Saturday right before they went to the Jazz game! Loni and Stevo came over and watched the kids for us so we could go. With Eric being on the advertising board for Kneaders we got these killer seats 3 rows back from the court! behind the basketball hoop. Our seats ended up being just to the side of the basket so we could see everything and not just a pole. We went early and got to go downstairs in the Energy Solutions arena and eat dinner! Then during Half Time we got to go down again for snacks. It was awesome! We were even going to try and get a picture with Matt Harpring but it didn't happen. We did get a picture though!..Of the two of us. Not Matt. :0) This has been such an eventful month. So much has happened to us and we are so grateful and blessed. Just living the dream.

Friday, April 13, 2012

New Kneaders Open!

The stress of opening a new store is nothing you can explain. Eric has been working like a mad man trying to get everything to come together with out his brain exploding. Stephanie has been trying to help out with the basket making area, ordering all edible items to go on the shelves to sell and whatever else is needed to help Eric out as much as possible. Who knew ordering ribbon, tissue paper, jam, dips, vanilla, pasta, soda, different sauces etc would be so difficult and time consuming! What do people like? What would people want their basket ties with? What would people buy to got in their basket? etc....The Riverwoods location officially opened Today April 13th, 2012. Stephanie's amazing mother saved us by flying up and staying with us for a full week just to babysit her grandkids! Super mom/grandma. Stephanie called her mom friday night and Shelly flew up Monday morning. Stephanie was able to work ALL week with eric and run errands for him and michael. Mostly though, Stephanie was there for moral support. To keep Eric going, and relieve the stress as much as possible. There is nothing more stressful than having corporate people around you 24/7 as you are opening the store and having them switch things on you last minute and throwing you through a loop. We made it work though and the store opened great. We were ALOT slower than we had anticipated but was still a decent day. We had a friends and family night to help the employees and everyone work out the final bugs. It was really nice to see some of our friends from Pleasant Grove show up to support us, especially since we were still living in Pleasant Grove when this process began. It was also nice for our new friends from Salem to show up and support us as well. To have the support of friends and family as we start a new chapter in our lives is greatly appreciated. Eric's parents and siblings showed up and Stephanie's mom was there with the kids. Just so we all know and are aware, we didn't lock Grandma Powell in the house. Stephanie came home in the early afternoon some days and went out and did things with Shelly(grandma) and the Kids. They went bowling one day and quickly found out that Grandma Powell is an awesome bowler in real life and not so much on the Wii.!! They also went and got frozen yogurt too. Plus I'm sure Stephanie just being home was nice for Grandma Powell as well. One night Stephanie and Eric got home around bed time and after the kids were in bed Stephanie and her mom went to see the Hunger Games movie together. G-Ma Powell said she had a fun week, which is great! She is an awesome mom/grandma to help out like she does. Couldn't have done it without her. She flies home Monday morning and her adventure ends. We are excited for this new store and pray it is busy and successful. Eric and Stephanie have been so blessed in their lives and are truly grateful to the Lord for helping them get to where they are. They strive daily to continue to remember the lord and always involve him in their daily lives and the life of their businesses and serve others as much as possible.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Wow! Happy Easter! First of all, this has been quite the busy Easter Holiday! Second, Jacoby fell down the cement steps in the garage yesterday and has quite the nice goose egg on his forhead. Just in case you were wondering why he looks like he just got in a fight. That's why. Of course it snowed again just two days ago so it is cold for another Easter. We did all of our easter stuff today! The bunny came early this year.(headed to marysvale tonight) The kids got new bikes from the Easter Bunny, and Jacoby finally got a Tri-cycle that he can ride! Stefans bike has no training Wheels. He wasn't too excited about this detail. Stefan CAN ride his bike without training wheels and this will be the year he gains confidence and rides well w/out those darn training wheels. When its a outside toy year, the Bunny always brings them on Saturday so the kids can ride and enjoy them before Sunday. As a kid, Stephanie remembers always going to Woodland Park with her family and doing the Easter Egg Hunt and raffle drawing. It was usually cold as most Easters are. Stephanie wanted the kids to participate in the town Egg hunt so we woke the kids up, found their baskets and headed up to the Loafer View Ballpark where the kids got to do the egg hunt. The only difference between Stephanie's childhood egg hunt and this egg hunt was Stephanie's eggs were hidden. These eggs were scattered all over the snowy ball fields! Must say though that all those eggs scattered on white snow was actually quite pretty. They had you line up on the 3rd base line and when you heard the Fire Truck horn you took off! Grab as many eggs as you could! They separated the kids by age into groups, so Stephanie had Janine and Jacoby and Eric had Stefan with his age group. Stephanie was a little nervous for Janine. Would Janine get out there and take those eggs before someone else could? Well, as the horn went off, Janine took off and grabbed egg after egg. Stephanie was so excited and helped Jacoby get a couple of eggs too. After wards you lined up and drew a raffle ticket from a fireman. Depending on what ticket you drew determined the prize you got. Janine and Jacoby's age group got to keep their eyes open as they picked their ticket. Stefans age group had to cover their eyes. Everyone had a great time racing for eggs. We then went home and rode our new bikes for a little bit and then we colored eggs as a family. This is always such a fun activity that the kids love. Plus Jacoby is finally old enough to somewhat enjoy it. After this we had our family egg hunt. That night we went down to Marysvale to stay because Kendal and Lisa blessed their baby, Drake, at church today. We weren't too happy to have to be some place else on easter, but as always it was a good visit. Grandma and Grandpa Allan don't hide eggs, they hide candy! Everywhere! Just when you think you found all the candy you end up finding another piece. This Eric tells us will happen for days! Too Funny! What a great Easter we have had as a family. Not only did we get Easter stuff done we also worked on the Riverwoods store trying to get things together for our Grand Opening this upcoming week! Can't believe we are opening our 3rd store!!! Wish us Luck!!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Madness!

By the title you probably think we are going to blog about College Basketball. Well...think again! This month Eric has been working like a mad man with the new Kneaders store in Riverwoods. Stephanie has been helping him some days when it works out finding someone to watch the kids for us. The first movie of the "Hunger Games" came out this month and so Stephanie made sure she could work out a time with our neighbor to watch the kids for us. Of course the movie was amazing.
Stephanie also did a wedding cake for one of Loni's friends down in Circleville. It turned out really nice. The two bottom layers are fake. Only the top layer is real. The piping took forever! Next time Stephanie will charge more for piping! This wedding cake had to be done on Brendas birthday as well and so Stephanie hurried and threw a cake together for Brenda as well.
Stephanie has also been trying to get Janine to let her do Janines hair more. Steph found a website with easy hairdos and Janine chose this hairstyle to wear one day....Its a heart if you couldn't tell.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Kindy 500!

Stefan had his kindy 500! We had to make a Car out of cardboard for him to wear during school. They have been learning about the National Monuments and took a road trip today to most of them. They went to New York and saw the Statue of Liberty. The went and saw the Liberty Bell, Mount Rushmore to name a few. He recieved his own drivers license with a set of keys. While visiting these places they of course picked up souvenirs! who wouldn't!?!?

We couldn't believe some of the cars that were made. Unbelievable!!! We wanted to make a Jeep! So a Jeep we did.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Janine has had P-fapa since she was 2 years old! Less than 5% of the population gets this. Nobody knows what causes it or how you come to get it. Once we moved to Salem, Stephanie was able to find a pediatrician that would actually listen to her and tried to figure out what was going on with Janine. The Doctor officially diagnosed Janine with P-fapa saying that he's 90% sure that is what she has. We had just been monitoring Janine every time she would get the fevers and see if any new symptoms came or showed up, or if the fevers were getting worse. So we monitored her for 6 more months after we found Dr. Fullmer. Well we thought Janine was getting better and maybe even starting to grow out of this. Her last two episodes came two weeks in a row but only lasted 48 hours and her fever never spiked above 104. She even went 5 weeks without an episode! Usually these come like clockwork. Every 4 weeks. However, this last episode it all came back with a vengence. Janine did spike above 104 and that is when she starts puking and is like a rag doll. just limp. She was getting bloody noses. We were very concerned and Stephanie took Janine back to the doctor the next day where they drew blood from Janine to see if there was anything going on. Blood work was fine except for the two tests we knew would come back abnormal. 70% of kids with P-fapa who get their tonsils out are completely P-fapa free or reduces the reoccurance of these fevers drastically. 30% it does nothing. So Instead of giving Janine a steroid every time she gets the fevers we decided to get her tonsils out. We pray that this will work. If it doesn't work she could have it between 6-8 years from the time she got it! So Janine could be between 8 & 10 years old before she would grow out of this! So we pray taking out the tonsils will work!
Janine was a very brave girl. we bought her a lala loopsy doll whos name is Crumbs Sugar Cookie. we had enough time to even play with her a little bit before hand.

After the surgery she did great. she sucked on a popsicle for us and drank juice and had some jello. Then that night she even had mashed potatoes and fish! The doctor said after a week is when kids usually start having soft foods because of the pain. Not Janine. we could tell that she was in pain alot of times but 1. Janine hates the pain medicine, 2. She doesn't like a bunch of attention on her, so wouldn't ever ask for the medicine. Usually Stephanie and eric would have to start counting to 5 for her to take it otherwise dad would have to come hold her down....It never did come to that. Janine can just handle pain very well. The hardest part with Janine getting out her tonsils is trying to keep her down. She just wants to run and wrestle with her brothers and we are trying to have her watch tv and movies, or just color and draw. Janine did get Balloons and a stuffed animal from Grandma and Papa Powell and she was so excited to get those. She also got balloons and some stamps from the Primary Presidency. This is a very loved girl. Tomorrow it will have been a full week since she had her tonsils out and Janine is great.