Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday Madness!!

Yes I know can you believe another birthday has come and gone already in the Allan family. Stephanie celebrated her 27th birthday on the 12th of this wonderful month. While the day started and continued just as any other day, when Eric came home from work it was a different story...The PaRtY BEGAN!! Eric was running around crazy trying to get dinner and all the festivities ready. Stephanie was trying to figure out why eric was in such a hurry and so he told stephanie that he had invited stephanie's best friend and her family over to celebrate her birthday. We had chili, ceasar salad and fresh fruit with virgin Margaritas!!! So yUmMy!! We had a great night. Stephanie wanted to have a halloween birthday so we had a Halloweenish style dinner and it was really fun.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Stefans 5th Birthday

Last week we celebrated Stefans 5TH birthday! It was also the very first birthday party with kids that we have had. We had so much fun. While the first 30 minutes seemed like hours the rest of the party just flew by and we actually ran out of time!! Thank heavens though that 90% of parents are always late. Our party theme was iron man. While Stefan hasn't seen the real Iron Man movies he has seen the super hero cartoons on tv. We had a blast watching these 4 & 5 year olds hit the pinata...Maybe its the fact that pinatas give them the opportunity to hit something as hard as they can! The aggression that comes out is hilarious. Simply priceless.

We made a throne out of boxes that we had in our carport for the businesses for Stefan to open gifts while his subjects sat on the grass and watched. Stefan thought that was the coolest thing ever. Troy flew in to attend conference and so we went to Salt lake the next night to hang out with him and we took Stefan to Build A Bear Workshop. That was what stefan wanted more than anything was a buld a bear. It was so much fun to watch stefan create a bear and do all the things they have you do. This was the funnest birthday.