Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well about a week and a half ago we traveled to arizona for Sterlings farewell and also to catch a D-Backs game with Scotty & Danelle and their family. We decided to drive through the night instead of sleeping at Kendals (erics bro) house. We were about 20 minutes outside of Flagstaff when Serina calls us and informs us that Scotty is in the hospital with his 1 yr old Brenley who has menengitis! So instead of going to Phoenix we decided to head east and go straight to Pinetop. Brenley is doing well. She can hopefully go home on Wednesday. Very blessed little girl.
We had a really good time in Pinetop.
On Friday we went into some caves with our private trail guide Sean. We lucked out and there wasn't 3 inches of water in the begining like there usually is. However, in Arizona you have thick clay like mud. Quite a bit different than your typical mud. This quickly became an adventure with our 5, 3, & 1 year old kids. But we had a blast.
Grandma tripped on a mud hill because it is so dug up from people trying to find indian pottery. We must say she falls with style!!
We had to crawl at parts and Eric tripped also. When the mud got so bad that even us adults were starting to lose our shoes we decided to turn back.
As we were almost back at the beginning Stephanie slipped in some mud which made her off balance and while holding Jacoby ends of falling backwords and lands on her back and butt. But she kept Jacoby from getting in the mud. What a fun family activity though.

The kids did enjoy getting in the back of the truck afterwards and taking off their socks and shoes and wiping their bodies off with wet wipes. A genius invention....the wet wipe.
We had fun playing basketball, going on 4-wheeler rides, playing volleyball and soccer, and just hanging out as a family. Sterling gave an amazing talk on sunday which also happend to be mothers day.
Luckily Stephanie got the chance to pick Sterling up from the airport and take him home with her, fed him his last family meal at Kneaders and Eric came to take him to the MTC. He was very nervous but sssooo excited. He will do great. He is serving in Villahermosa, Mexico.