Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Late Christmas!....And A Happy New Year!

I know this post is almost a month late! But oh well its getting done. We had a very busy christmas season this year. Stephanie helped out the most she ever has at Kneaders during the Holiday season. She enjoyed herself alot. Janine also had a little dance recital this month as well. While there wasn't enough seating for everyone we were stuck standing in the back and we completely missed Janine dancing! We were so sad and dissapointed. Eric saw her a teeny bit but Stephanie missed her completely. She was quite upset.
This month was also Jacobys 2nd birthday! We had so much fun. We took him out to lunch and then since there was no snow we gave him a one man JEEP. He loved it! Took him a day to figure out the gas pedal and the steering at the same time. He has it down now and enjoys it. Stefan is bummed because he is too big for it and Janine can ride it. Jacoby got a Christmas Birthday Cake because he didn't get it for his first birthday. We put on Ipad ontop of his cake because he is into technology and was born knowing how to work an Ipad.

Christmas eve as always is fun. We all enjoy making our own pizzas and getting our Christmas Jammies. This is always a great time of year for us to think about the Saviour and what gifts we can give to him this year. We don't do new years resolutions. Instead we have taken that and have turned it into our gifts for Jesus. This is a tradition that we enjoy and really helps us keep the goal the whole year. To truly honor our saviour and the many blessings he gives to us on a daily basis. We always enjoy watching the Nativity story and the kids enjoy talking about what they know.
Christmas Morning this year was on a Sunday and at first we weren't too excited because it was going to break up our routine of how we do things on Christmas. However, we all really enjoyed going to sacrament on the sabbath and the special feeling that came home with all of us was different. It really helped us keep the true spirit of Christmas.
Jacoby got his ipad for christmas, Stefan got his Nintendo DS, and Janine got her craft table and easle with art supplies. Eric and Stephanies gift came a few months ago as we finished our basement.