Friday, November 27, 2009

ThanksGiving 2009

This year for ThanksGiving this Allan family stayed home. Stephanie is very largely pregnant and we didn't think it wise to take the risk of her having a baby anywhere but here. While we tried to convince family to come to our just didn't work out. So we had our own 15 pound turkey for just the four of us! It was awesome. We didn't even make through 1 breast!! The rest of the turkey we put in the freezer for when the baby does come and some in the fridge to eat on of course for the next couple of days. This turkey was the best tasting turkey we have ever had. Eric was simply amazing! Check it out for yourself.

All morning Eric and Stephanie make stuffing,prepared the turkey, prepped potatoes, made muffins with fruit for breakfast and had fun in the process. Before we feasted we took the kids to the park and let them play around for awhile.

Eric had extra pies from Kneaders and brought home a few while Stephanie also made a pumpkin pie and a Chocolate Pecan Pie that was sssooo good. It made the tongue slap the brain! Stephanie wanted to get a family picture for the day. we only got one shot at it and this is the outcome.
Stephanie is always the perfect temperature while pregnant...or at least she thinks so. She is fine when everyone else is freezing. Thus a fire was built and we had one for most of the day. Eric was a good sport and let the kids help build the fire. Stefan threw in wads of paper and Janine placed in the wood.