Monday, February 15, 2010


It has been awhile since we last blogged! So much has happened so we will just start at the beginning. February 1st (Monday) we went out and bought Stefan and Janine Bunkbeds! Since all the stores we were interested in that had bunkbeds were all down in provo, so Eric went in and did all the looking so that in the end we would only have to go in 1 or 2 stores. which is what ended up happening. The bunkbeds are full over full!! I know you are all thinking why would we buy such big beds for 2 little kids? Answer?...These beds will come in handy for company and they come apart so in the future we can have two separate full beds. Jacoby has graduated from his parents room and to have the most space it made the most sense to have stefan and Janine share a room for a little while. When Jacoby is big enough for a bed he will share the bunkbed with Stefan and Janine will use the Daybed. Which is why we didn't splurge for character comforters. Stefan and Janine are still so excited about their beds. They play on them all the time. Stefan says his bed (on top) is the Race Car Tower. This boy loves racing. Now everyone who knows Stephanie knows she doesn't care for white wood. But we bought white bunkbeds one because it was our only option in the style we liked and also we can paint them later.