Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Fun!

Hallelujia!!! We finally have some snow again!! Snow has been in the forecast for weeks but the storm always seemed to miss us. We have about 4 inches outside. Now of course we don't have nearly as much as Pinetop,Az got this past Thursday. Stephanie's family got 4 feet of snow!! Her family was without power from 7:30a.m to 5:30 P.M.
This morning Eric took Stefan and Janine across the street to go sledding. Stephanie forgot to give him the camera to take pictures so we don't have a picture of that, but apparently Janine loved sledding this time and she went down the hills by herself and went the furthest of anyone. Stefan always has a blast while sledding. Eric also likes to stand on the sled and go down the hill. The first time he said he ate it but then the next two times he made it all the way down without falling.
Stephanie would have gone but Jacoby is still a little congested so we didn't want to risk him getting sick again after we just barely got him better.

After lunch Stephanie took the kids outside to build a snowman. we don't have any sticks in the driveway or around the road so we went in the backyard to the wood pile and found to big sticks or really small logs. whatever your opinion is. This is our first snowman of the year! Stefan was a great helper and rolled the middle ball. he did awesome. Of course we had to get our pictures taken with the snowman so Stefan took the picture of Stephanie and Janine and then Stephanie took the picture of Stefan and Jainine.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you had a merry christmas and wonderful New Year. This year has been a vacationing year for us. In February Stephanie took the kids to Mesa to see her sister Serina and sister-in-law Danelle because they had their babies and Stephanie wanted to see them when they were newborns. Then we went to Florida to go to Disney World with Troy and Annette. We had a blast over there. Another thing we love to do is camp. We went camping a couple of times this year. We camped up in American Fork Canyon and went to Fish Lake with Erics family, and in July we went to Lake Powell with Stephanie's family. This past summer Stefan enjoyed hiking up the "G" to the waterfalls. Stefan also started pre-school this year and is loving it. Janine loves musice so we have her in a music class that teaches notes, rythms, and songs. In the beginning she was very shy but now sings and participates in everything the teacher has planned. This past september before Stefans birthday Eric and Stephanie went to Vegas to spend some time together before we had our new baby Jacoby.

Every Christmas eve we make homemade pizza and this year we did individual pizzas so everyone got to make their own.

Christmas this year really fun. Stefan brought home some oatmeal with red glitter in a baggie from school. The oatmeal was for the reindeer to eat and the red glitter was to attract Santa and the reindeer to make sure that they came to our house. So Christmas eve stefan made sure that we went outside and sprinkled the oatmeal on the ground. Janine recieved princess stuff this year and she put the ear rings on, the bracelets, the crown and a necklace. That is who she was for the day. She was a princess and she acted like it. Stefan wanted his parents to play with him and Janine wanted to be left alone to be in her own princess world by herself. She was something else on christmas.

Stefan got a huge remote control tank from his Uncle Sterling. This thing has power. Definately not an inside toy. When that thing hit the wall we thought it would go through the wall! The thing has power.

This year eric loved Stefans toys just as much as stefan...if not a little more.

Erics main gift was the Wii Fit, Stefans was legos, Janines was a pink/purple Keyboard that came with a microphone, and Stephanie's was the Bullet Express. That thing is awesome!