Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jacoby Dale Allan

Born December 10, 2009 at 2:27 p.m Jacoby Dale Allan joined our family! While it was a little rough getting him here we are so happy that he is healthy, happy and not born the week of Christmas! Stephanie was starting to wonder if this baby would ever come and Eric was praying he would be born on a Thursday. Just to explain, Thursday was just the best day of the week for Eric to take time off and wouldn't you know it little Jacoby must have listened to that conversation because he was born last Thursday! He was grunting and not breathing well so the doctors put him in the NICU (nursery intensive care unit)and we were able to bring him home sunday the 13th. We were so happy that the nurse taking care of Jacoby was the same one who took such good care of Janine when she was in there.

Stefan and Janine are so excited to have a baby brother and just love to hold him. There have already been fights about who gets to hold him first. Although Stefan thinks he is super big we must watch him and Janine at all times while holding the baby. Especially Janine. She hasn't quite figure out that you can't just toss this baby like you can her baby dolls.
We have taken many many pictures of this little guy and here are just a few for you to look at and enjoy.