Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Texas Vacation!!

We went to Austin, Texas from March 12-17th to celebrate Troy & Annettes spring break with them and we had so much fun. It was a very lazy and relaxing vacation which was nice. Time meant nothing to us. Most of the time we didn't even know what time it was we just did things when we felt like it and then just chilled. It was nice. The SUN that was supposed to be in Texas decided to not show up! While it was still warmer than Utah it wasn't quite what we were wanting.
We flew into Austins Airport and the flight over was very helacious and not a friendly group of people either! which always makes things was more fun. Troy, Annette and Canyon welcomed us to Texas with Texas A&M shirts for us to wear. Too bad we weren't wearing "you got Jimmered" shirts! We had the best barbeque ever while there! Stephanie had a brisket sandwich that was the size of Texas and of course she DOWNED IT!!!! The place was called Salt Lick

Then we made it to Troy & Annettes home in Lampasas.

We went to a park not far from their home and fed some ducks. And then at the end it was just Stephanie, Janine & Annette and the geese came over and man they are vicious. I have never heard a goose hiss before. crazy frieky.

Then we went camping with them in their huge Motorhome which camping in general is just fun. One day we went to San Antonio to see the Alamo, and then did the river walks which is just a bunch of restaurants and shops along a big river. The sun did find us there that day though!

Another day we had the opportunity to see a Professional Rodeo! Now that was some crazy fun. Stephanie bought herself a cowgirl shirt from there that is erics new favorite.
Stefan did his first Carnival ride afterwards as well. He absolutely loved it. Janine wanted to a slower paced ride and even though we only had enough coins for Janine to ride the guy let Stefan and Jacoby ride as well! Eric & Stephanie couldn't believe that Jacogy could ride by himself. Both parents were nervous the first 2 times around but then relaxed when they could see he was having a blast!
We were so sad to see our vacation come to an end. they always fly by which just seems so unfair.
This is the shirt that stephanie bought. The picture was taken on the side of a Steakhouse that we ate before we flew out. Oh yes the day we left the sun was shining and later after we left Troy & Annette and Canyon hung out at the pool! so unfair!

We are so happy and know that we are truly blessed by our Heavenly Father that we are able to take vacations as a family.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sickness, Sickness??....MORE Sickness!!

In the last week of January Stephanie went to Las Vegas for the Convention with her mother-in-law Brenda and brother in laws wife Jennee. At the convention they go to the different vendors and can buy for all the holidays in the year and then everyday knick knacks and things to go into the stores to sell....Saturday evening when she returned she came back to a house full of sick kids. Then monday Eric came home feeling sick. The Allan family was sick the entire month of February! There is no exageration in that statement. Eric still has a slight cough and just yesterday was Janine's last day of antibiotics, and Stefan and Jacoby's last day of breathing treatments!! Jacoby would get sick back to back and then stefan would get his cough back and that is never a good thing. Our doctors office is about ready to give us a personalized room, and we are on a first name basis with the pharmacy!!! Unvelievable!!

Yesterday was the first time it has been warm enough and the kids have been healthy enough to go outside and play. The fresh air felt so good. Today we have been sanitizing everything!
We are now just trying to stay healthy for our vacation to Texas in a week in a half!! We can not wait to go where it is warm for 5 days!!