Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stephanie's Birthday!

This year for stephanies birthday the thing she wanted and needed was a new camera. Which she did recieve. This is the reason not too many pictures have been taken. What has been taken was on her phone and even though they tak good pictures they will never be as good as an actual camera. We have been taking pictures like crazy now trying to get the kids yearly pictures one which has been kind of hard this year. Jacoby is not very cooperative. Janine has been sick as well and so getting a good picture of any kid while they are sick is hard.
Anyway.....Eric went to work for 2 hours and then came back home with breakfast and ate with us and then went back to work for 2 more hours and then came home and worked on his office for the afternoon. The evening before we went on a date to Little Italy in Provo. Best Italian food you will ever eat. We got the birthday cake from there too. sssooo good. Eric made pumpkin chili for dinner and we went and watched stefan play a soccer game where he scored 3 goals! Stephanie had a good birthday.d

Stefans Birthday & Soccer Life!!

this fall all began with Stefan starting soccer. Fall soccer started with 2 and ends with 1. Janine started to play as well but about half way through the season she decided she was a dancer and not a soccer player.
Stefan however is a soccer player and does very well. His last game stefan scored all three of the teams goals! The other kids on the team told their coach that Stefan is their leader. when the coach asked stefan if that was true Stefan shook his head and said quote "Ya, I am". Too funny. Stefan loves soccer and really enjoys playing the game. He is always the first one on the field ready to go.

Stefans birthday this year happened to be the week of General Conference so his Uncle Troy was in town so we had a family party where the grandparents uncles and cousins came. We had a lot of fun. Uncle Michael even performed some magic tricks for everyone. Stefan wanted a race car cake with monster trucks in the middle doing jumps! Well our kids may not have elaborate parties but Stephanie tries to always deliver what the kids would like for their birthday cakes.
Stefans present that he got from his parents was a Bearded Dragon Lizard! Now as his parents it is our job to try and talk him out of this, right? Well try we did to no avale. A lizard is what he wanted. His cousin Canyon has one and loves his, so we went out on his birthday and got the lizard and some things to go in its cage. We thought that Stefan wouldn't even touch it or anything but he did. He lets the lizard climb up his arm and everything. They are very friendly and you can train them to do things. In Stephanies mind this is a way better pet to have right now than a dog!