Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Blessing.

We know this post is a month late, but since we are wanting to put all of our blog posts into a book this june we needed to create a post about Jacobys baby blessing. We had his blessing February 7th. Yes super bowl weekend. We had a great time with everyone. Eric blessed Jacoby during sacrament meeting and then afterwards everyone came back to our home and we had a big lunch. Later that evening we watched the super bowl. Kendal and Lisa stayed for a little bit of the game and Stephanie parents left during the 4th quarter. It was a blizzard that night as well. Stefan and Janine just love having their cousins over. Stefan loves playing with Kaedrin. Even though Janine is very shy at first, eventually she will start to involve herself with others. Pictures are always crazy after blessings. Jacoby fit in the blessing outfit alot better than Stefan. Probably because Jacoby is a chunkier baby and Stefan was just a skinny binny. Jacoby is a sweet, cute little baby.