Wednesday, June 9, 2010

T-Ball Anyone?

Last week was the beginning of Stefans baseball career and let us tell you what a blast it is to watch these 4 &5 year olds play baseball. They are either running to third base first or they can't find 2nd base and end up going out into center field!!or even the gatherings tat occur at pitchers mound. For instance throwing sand or building sand mountains. Priceless Priceless moments. So much fun. Stefan is just having a blast playing. He has a really good arm and his coach is impressed. He has never hit off of a tee before until that first game and wasn't quite sure what it was or what to do. STefan is used to us pitching him the ball and then hitting it. But now being in the second week he knows whats going on and he does great. He loves to hear people cheer his name. His face lights up and then he runs 10 times faster. His team are called the dragons. Here is a video of stefan in his first game. Now in this first video the tee was too high. After the first hit the rest of his were really good.
In this next video his hit went past pitchers mound but of course I missed it and only got him running to first!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Graduation Anyone?

Well about 2 weeks ago Stephanie and the kids left to Arizona for her brother Sterlings graduation. Since Erics sister Loni was graduating the night after Sterling we wouldn't have been able to spend time in Pinetop. So Stephanie and the kids left a week early so they could spend time with the family and Eric flew in the night before graduation.
We had a great time in Arizona. Stephanie just enjoyed being back home in the mountains and smelling the fresh pine air and spending time with everyone.
We had the opportunity to go and feed the horses at the equestrian center which the kids just absolutely loved. Stephanie was okay with the idea of feeding a horse until she tried and saw the horses huge teeth and the she frieked out and couldn't do it.

When eric arrived we went to the Mogollon Rim which is just a short fun nature trail along with Serina and her kids.

Thursday night we went to Sterlings graduation and watched him graduate and friday morning we were on the road heading back up to Marysvale to watch Loni graduate and we arrived at the gym with 5 minutes to spare!! We arrived at Eric brothers house to get ready right at 6 o'clock and it was a race for that hour to get everyone fed, dressed and over to the gym. For both graduations Stephanie and Eric rotated with Jacoby. The little stinker didn't like to sit still for long at all.... We do have great kids though. Stefan and Janine were good through out both graduations. They were really good.