Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Walt Disney World

Two weeks ago we left for a family vacation to Walt Disney world in Florida! Our brother and sister in law asked us if we would post pone our vacation in April so that we could go with them to Florida. We did because anyone who knows Troy and Annette know that you will always have a good time with them. We were so excited to go. Eric troy and annette were was the only ones in the family to have ever been to Disney Land or anything like that, so it was exciting for all of us to go. We bought 5 day passes and went to all of the different disney parks. One of our last days we went to Wild Kingdom and saw some kind of snake. We don't remember...a snake is a snake. Annette started by touching it and then Eric and Troy soon followed and everyone finally convinced Stephanie to touch. While it took her what seemed like forever she did eventually touch it! Stephanie convinced everyone before we left to schedule a beach day. This ended up being everyones favorite day. Except for the sunburns. We were unaware that Florida sun was different than Utah sun. well we quickly found out that Florida sun burns so much faster. The funny thing is that we were in Florida for a few more days after the beach and in that time nobody was peeling. However, the day we returned everyone notice the bumps you get on your skin right before you start peeling. (Dang dry air)The humidity was something else as well. After the first night of being there you got used to the humidity enough that you could breathe! Plus you always looked and felt wet. Not a great feeling. Not much else to say about it other than it was the best vacation ever!!