Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kindergarten.......And the adventure begins!!!

Yesterday was Stefans first day of Kindergarten!! Stefan was so excited to start school. when taking him to school he walked 3 steps ahead of his mom. That was bitter sweet. Stephanie was so happy to see him confident and excited about being in the "big kid" school as stefan puts it. It seems like Stephanie has waited for this moment for a very long time, and on the other hand it feels like not too long ago that the two of them were going to mom and tot classes together!
Stephanie helped Stefan put all his homework papers into the different bins that were given to the parents on orientation night. He then hung up his backpack, and his teacher Mrs. Smith took our picture and he went to find his name tag on his desk. Stephanie stayed by the door for just a minute to watch him find his desk and sit down. At that moment Stephanie got choked up and could feel the waterworks so she quickly turned and left before the tears had a chance to make it to her face.
Its a good thing Stefan is strong and doesn't have separation issues because that helps keep his mother strong too. The only dissapointment of the new year is Stefan really wanted to ride the big yellow bus to and from school. You have to live 1 1/2 miles from the school in order to ride. We live 1 1/4 miles from the school. So unfortunately the only thing he will be riding in is our big red Armada! HAHA.

Today was also Janines first day of dance class. Janine has been on both of us parents to sign her up for dance since she was just shy of 3. She is now 4 and today is her first day. Janine has come a long way in not being shy and at least talking to her teachers. While she didn't speak at all last year to her teachers, she has already talked to her primary teacher and her preschool teacher that we met at the open house. Right after her dance class she came home and put her shoes back on and showed Stephanie everything that she learned. Then when eric came home she put her shoes back on and showed her dad everything that she learned. When we signed up for class and Janine saw her costume she would wear for her performance she was overly excited. the tutu was her favorite part. oh and the sparkles. She says she will look really pretty in it. Whbich she is right, of course!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lake Powell Trip

About a week and a half ago we went to Lake Powell with the Powell family. Our sister Serina just had a baby 2 weeks before that so she didn't come but Grandma and Grandpa Powell took the 2 older boys with them to the Lake. This was nice because it kept Stefan entertained and then Janine was entertained by Scotty and his kids. We had a fun trip. Thankfully we missed the sand and rain storm thursday night! Every time we go to the lake we rent a boat and go wake boarding, water skiing and ride tubes and stuff. Stephanie wakeboarded for the 2nd time in her life and she did great! Try after Try after Try after Try she finally made it out of the wake! wwaahhooo!!! Then of course Sean goes and he just makes it looks so easy. going in and out of the wake. coming up on the side of the boat leaning way back.
He is just good. We all took turns with the water hot dog. The kids loved it. We built a waterslide down the beach into the water. This was so much fun. we poured some bubbles on the plastic and then when you were ready to slide we would dump a bucket of water and you would go at the same time. Skyler was the best to watch. He brought a lot of water down with him and speed. Grandpa took braxton (scotty and danelles son) on the water hot dog with him and Braxton fell asleep!
Was the funniest thing ever. We stopped the boat and asked if he wanted off and he said no and so they rode for 2 more minutes and the boy was out again! so we took him back to shore! Hilarious....The water was 30 feet higher at this point than it was last year and so the Sand Slide was back. We went to that and climbed it. The little boys climbed that thing twice! They are all truly Rockstars!!I took more videos than pictures but for some reason I have sound on my recorder but not when I put them on my computer. so I can only do some of the pictures that I have.