Friday, July 30, 2010

Gymnastic Fun

For the past six weeks Janine has been taking gymnastic classes. She has been doing them through the rec-center and not a competitive gym. It's half the price and perfect for kids who are just discovering gymnastics. Last week during Janine's class Stefan was wondering when he can try I signed him and Janine up for the fall classes. It's really fun to watch your kids do different activities. We had such a blast watching Stefan play T-ball and we have enjoyed watching Janine walk on the beam, swing on the bars, do backward somersaults, and hang from the rings. The Beam is Janines favorite right now because you point your toes and walk like a princess. At least that is what Stephanie thinks. Stefan had his first soccer practice last night and was disappointed it only lasted a half hour. His first game is saturday!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yellowstone National Park

June 18th we set out on our family vacation to Yellowstone National Park where we met up with Erics brother and his family. On the way there we wanted to take a detour and stop in Jackson Hole for a day. While there we did the ariel tram that took you to the top of the Teton Mountains. Around 10,000 feet. There is snow ontop of these mountains 10 months out of the year. The last of the snow melts around the first of August and then recieves the first snow in October! We had a blast in Jackson. We saw 2 baby moose and tons of deer. The moose were cool. we stopped and watched the two of them eating and we were only 10-15 feet away. It was amazing. When we met up with Troy and Annette we got to see there home. It is way nice. lots of space. We had a blast with them. Not only did we hike a lot but we also stayed at the KOA in west yellowstone and rented a six person bike! Now that was fun. We tasted tons of fudge and then of course you had to buy that too. They had the best fudge we have ever tasted. The kids did so great. they enjoyed all of the hikes and seeing different things. They love being with their cousin Canyon. They get along so well. Yellowstone is just amazing with all the many different types of wildlife, and volcanic activity. We were just in awe of how smart the Lord is. How he can create these many different wonders. Truly impressive. We rented a cabin at the KOA which was really nice. Eric and Stephanie have been converted to the cabins. From now on if there is a KOA by where we are vacationing we will stay there. Its only a few bucks more than a motel and you can save even more by cooking your own food. we just had such a good time. We took so many different pictures that we just can't share them all on our blog. so here are just a few.