Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stefans 4th Birthday!

This year for Stefans birthday we celebrated just as a family. Stefan had a hard time deciding if he wanted a Spiderman cake or a Batman cake. He really likes both guys obviously. So Stefan compromised with his mother and made a cob web on the cake with Spiderman defeating Batman. It turned out really cute. Stefan was the special helper in his pre-school class and helped pass out different papers and at the end the snack that he brought. Stefan says his teachers had him stand on the table and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. A tradition that Stephanies mom did with their family is she always took them to lunch on their birthday and Stephanie is excited to pass that along in her family so she took Stefan to lunch and then when dad came home we went to Chuck-E-Cheese for dinner and games. Everyone had a blast. Then we came home and had cake and Ice cream. This year stefan got spiderman that came with a three wheeler, batman, 2 transformers, A huge cherry picker truck that you can buy at Costco, $20 from Grandma and papa Powell for him to pick a toy and a batman hot wheels car from his friend Jake. Next year stefan says he wants a Party so that he can have lots of friends over. So next year I guess we will have a party.