Saturday, November 24, 2012

ThanksGiving 2012

Happy ThanksGiving Everyone! This exciting and busy time of year has come again! It was Stephanie's turn to go back home to Arizona for Thanksgiving. However, because we are now running the new RiverWoods store and are still involved in overseeing the other Provo store there was no way we were going to make it down. We stayed home and had a great time. We bought WIPEOUT for the Wii and played that as a family. We love to watch the TV show together so why not the game right? We always enjoy watching the Thanksgiving parade on TV and seeing all the cool floats and the different balloons.

And what would Thanksgiving be for Eric without the Dog Show following the parade. Having been married for 9 1/2 years the whole family now enjoys watching the dog show after the parade. We also went outside and played baseball. Growing up Stephanie would always play football with her brothers.
A tradition of playing a sport is something that will continue in this family as well. This year Stephanie asked the kids what they would like to have at dinner. What is their favorite thing. Stefan and Janine at the same time "Lime/Lemon JELLO. followed by an echo from Jacoby. So we had Lemon Jello for Stefan with lemon slices in it. The Jello was actually really good. Janine had her Lime Jello with mandarin oranges in it. They were very happy.
In the Allan family, ThanksGiving would not be complete unless you had a pie for every person. Carrying on with that Tradition we had 4 pies. Only 4 of us eat pie. Jacoby isn't big on desserts. As dinner time came around we have been having some good one liners being said by the kids and so as we sat down to eat dinner Eric decided to start writing them down. Here is that list; Uh...I love the dog show. -Eric Aw! There is onion and tears in my eyes and I can't see the Rockettes! -Eric 4 pies 5 people! That's an Allan thanksgiving! -Stephanie I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just saying. - Stephanie We sit down to eat with all kinds of food on the table, Jacoby looks at it and says, "I don't like it." -jacoby" "You know, everything pees when they poop, even humans. - Stefan" "Girls don't. We pee and then poo. -Stephanie" "EXACTLY -Stefan" "It would be awesome to have a butler. -Stefan" "Nuts. -jacoby" "It feels good to close my eyes. -Eric" "Cats are easy to take care of...but they run away. -Janine" "I'm thankful for gardens and dirt. -Janine" "I know what I want, a slice of everything. -Stephanie" "I'm thankful for buzz. -Jacoby" As dinner is ending, "shoot the rolls are in the oven!" -Eric" "Look at how much turkey we have left" -Eric" "The turkeys dry. - Great Grandma (oops she wasn't here)" "we could save it for next thanksgiving" -Stefan" "Do you know what was so good about this stuffing?!! You didn't burn it. - Stephanie" "Break out the pie. -Eric" "I don't like Kneaders cream. -Eric" These will probably be more hilarious to us because we heard the whole entire conversation. We were busting up laughing though. It may be ThanksGiving but work does go on. Someone has to do the bread! So we decided to go into Kneaders as a family to load the van up with Provo stores bread and deliver it so that Eric could
have Friday off as well. Stephanie and the kids stayed at the RiverWoods store while eric took the bread to provo.
While waiting for eric to come back Stephanie and the kids broke open some Christmas candy and played Hiding-Go-Seek in the store. only a few lights throughout the store stay on constantly so there were still many dark hiding spots. It was really fun!
This has been a great Thanksgiving. We are truly blessed and have so many temporal blessings and many many spiritual blessings. Both we are Thankful for and Thankful for the Lord in allowing us to have what we do. We hope this Holiday season has been kicked off with a Haunting Halloween, a Filling Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. Only to end with the Happiest of New Years.