Monday, April 25, 2011

Tonsils & Cake? Go Together?

We know this is such a late post but hey since we use this blog as a family journal it has to get put in!
On Thursday april 14th, Stefan got his tonsils taken out! The night before his big day the family went to "The Pizza Facotry" for dinner. Sort of as his last real meal for awhile. We brought along Aunt Whitney and as you can tell the kids love their Aunt Whitney. On the day of Stefans surgery he was very brave and listened very well to the nurses and Doctors. He wasn't scared we (his parents) talked to him about this before and of course he was excited because he gets to eat junk food! popcicles, pudding, juice, jello all his favorite foods!

After his surgery the nurses have mom sit on the bed and then they place the child in your arms and you hold them for the next 2 hours until they release you. What a nice thing though to do that. Helps the mom feel like she is helping her child while the child at the same time is comforted by his mother holding them. (aaahh tear)

Well you are probably wondering where the cake comes in to play? Well the week of Stefans surgery was the same week Stephanie had a Wedding Cake due! Stefan got his tonsils out on Thursday and the cake was due Saturday!! Thanks to a wonderful husband who took all day thursday off, Stephanie was able to get ahead on her cake so that friday when she was alone to take care of stefan she didn't have too much to do. But Stephanie always wakes up early in the morning to do most of her cakes so that she can be with the kids and not feel as though she neglects them for a week!Stephanie did the wedding cake for a friends sisters wedding. After setting up the cake everyone loved it!
Stephanie was later told that her cake was a huge hit. Everyone was so impressed. The director of Noahs in South Jordan liked it so much he asked Kayelene (stephs friend) if Stephanie would like to be the main contact for wedding cakes at that location!!! Whaaaahooo!! Stephanie told Kaylene to give her info to the guy because that would be awesome!!