Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Madness!

By the title you probably think we are going to blog about College Basketball. Well...think again! This month Eric has been working like a mad man with the new Kneaders store in Riverwoods. Stephanie has been helping him some days when it works out finding someone to watch the kids for us. The first movie of the "Hunger Games" came out this month and so Stephanie made sure she could work out a time with our neighbor to watch the kids for us. Of course the movie was amazing.
Stephanie also did a wedding cake for one of Loni's friends down in Circleville. It turned out really nice. The two bottom layers are fake. Only the top layer is real. The piping took forever! Next time Stephanie will charge more for piping! This wedding cake had to be done on Brendas birthday as well and so Stephanie hurried and threw a cake together for Brenda as well.
Stephanie has also been trying to get Janine to let her do Janines hair more. Steph found a website with easy hairdos and Janine chose this hairstyle to wear one day....Its a heart if you couldn't tell.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Kindy 500!

Stefan had his kindy 500! We had to make a Car out of cardboard for him to wear during school. They have been learning about the National Monuments and took a road trip today to most of them. They went to New York and saw the Statue of Liberty. The went and saw the Liberty Bell, Mount Rushmore to name a few. He recieved his own drivers license with a set of keys. While visiting these places they of course picked up souvenirs! who wouldn't!?!?

We couldn't believe some of the cars that were made. Unbelievable!!! We wanted to make a Jeep! So a Jeep we did.