Friday, December 7, 2012

New Tradition/ A Christmas Carol

This year Eric and I have decided to adopt a tradition that his family did while growing up. Every year at Christmas time his parents would give out the kids new Church clothes just before they were to go to a Christmas Play, or just to the ward Christmas Party. Whichever came first. We gave our kids their church clothes just before we went out to the Heritage School in Provo to watch the play, "A Christmas Carol". They all loved their clothes which made Stephanie happy. Stephanie was grateful that Jacoby was with her in the picking out the clothes process because Jacoby was very particular about what he would and would not wear. Stephanie found a cute vest for him, to which he shook his head and said, "no". Then she found a matching sweater to go with Stefan. Jacoby shook his head and said,"no" that time. Jacoby finally found a green plaid shirt that he would wear. Mainly because it was green (his favorite color), and he knew he had to pick something. The play was fun. Everyone had a great time. Eric and Stephanie weren't exactly sure how the kids would do, especially Jacoby. They all did great though. Stefan and Janine were really into it. The backdrops and costumes were absolutely amazing. Eric thought that was the best part. He didn't care much for the acting, but the rest of us thought everything was great.

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